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He is an underrated but amazing singer. He is sweetened caring. He has wrote some songs that are

- Steve

-water fountain

- swim

- death of an hero

- gotta be a reason

- let my down slowly

And many more that are amazing songs
Person 1: omg you should listen to Alec Benjamin

Person 2: Alec who now?
Person1: Benjamin. He is such an amazing singer
Person 2: okay I’ll check him out

* the next day *

Person 2: omg Alec Benjamin is so good

Person 1: ikr
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by #######1111 April 10, 2019
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Alec Benjamin is underrated but he is an amazing and very talented singer and songwriter. His lyrics are very deep and meaningful and the way he writes his songs about his very own life stories is incredible. Honestly, there is no way to describe how gifted and astonishing his work is.
Person #1: Omg, did you hear Alec Benjamin's new default album These Two Windows?!
Person #2: No I didn't, who is Alec Benjamin?
Person #1: He's an amazing singer and songwriter, you should go listen to him. His songs are so relatable for me.
Person #2: Okay! I will tonight.

--The Next Day--

Person #1: Did you listen to Alec last night?
Person #2: Yeah and OMG HE IS AMAZING!!!!
Person #1: IKR! His voice is amazing!
Person #2: Totally! I can't wait to listen to him more!
by Alec's Little Angel September 04, 2020
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An American songwriter that is defiantly underrated. He sound like he's 13 but he is 25. His most popular song is 'let me down slowly' which reached top 40 in in over 25 countries and has 640 million streams
girl : Alec Benjamin is underrated
boy: I know have you heard 'If we have each other'
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by 9/11 skydiver September 05, 2020
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