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A cheap drunk, someone who can not hold alcohol. As a Lactard is lactose intolerant and a Catard is allergic to cats.
I only had two drinks but I'm so wasted, I am such an Alcotard.
by SarBurke January 19, 2011
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Some one who is an alcoholic to such a degree that the alcohol has replaced their brain cells. Now, all they can ever remember or think about is aspects of their life and past related to their sad, depressed, alcoholic lives.
After he broke up with Girlfriend C, Jackass A became an alcotard. Now he doesn't remember anyone before Girlfriend B, not even Girlfriend A. He's such an emo dick. He's fucking Jackass B's girlfriend and getting high with his squadlings. None of his friends know him anymore and he doesn't know them. Because he's an alcotard.
by Tess498570987593 October 06, 2007
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