(n.) What your mother was probably drinking during her pregnancy that caused you to be unable to spell “alcohol”.
Ma’am, you’re pregnant, please lay off the alcohol.”

“My body, my choice.”

*Fourteen years later the child finds urban dictionary*

“A - L - C… uhhhh… A - H - O - L. Yeah. Alcahol”
by BigGreasyCumstain July 3, 2021
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A liquid good for preserving almost anything except secrets.
Girl- I cant beleive you cheated on me
Guy- But i diddnt!!
Girl- You told me you did last night!
Guy- That was the alcahol talking...
by tennyz December 27, 2005
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Josh Booth is a drinking machine. he wakes up drinks all day and night then goes to sleep, and dreams of drinking. he is like a robot from that show futurama.
it's like my liver is banging a puddle of vodka - Josh booth
by cool guys April 10, 2005
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