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A very beautiful girl who takes on any challenge. She does get a little mad when you mess with the things she loves like most. She is a very athletic girl and she can pick up any boy with a snap of a finger.
Man. Did you see Alayni today. She looked beautiful
by Rocketroger7625 July 24, 2017
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Alaynis is an awesome person. She is very beautiful but doesn’t think highly of herself. She is mature and pretty quiet, but if you get to know her she is super fun and crazy. She gives great advice and is all of her friends therapist. Alaynis has been through a lot and that has made her a very strong person. If you have an Alaynis in your life, you should treasure her presence.
She is an amazing person, no wonder her name is Alaynis.
by An great person January 07, 2020
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