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The admirable task when a man puts a mitten on his dominant hand and proceeds to jerk off in sub-zero temperatures. The resulting jizz then freezes and can be used in a plethora of ways: I.e., self defense, moose hunting, flavor enhancer for drinks, perhaps even a tasty treat.
"Charlie, is your soup too hot? I have a few Alaskan icicles to help you out."

Guy one: "Hey, you goin' moose huntin today?"
Guy two: "Yeah! Wanna come? I have 14 spare Alaskan Icicles!"
Guy one: "Awesome!! I could always use another."
by Moosehunter-gatherer November 28, 2009
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(n) A sexual manuver;

While still in foreplay, the giver must slap the reciever's ass silly num. As the giver enters, thier partner will be so num from the beating to thier posterier that they should not feel the penetration. This is called the alaskan icicle. If having vaginal intercourse, one may slap the vagina with the hand, leather belt, fly swatter, or similar to make it completely num. Intercourse will feel like fucking an icicle.
I got off in 2 minutes, but it took Green 45 minutes because he had to thaw out the alaskan icicle before he felt any of it.
by Rob Rizzle September 05, 2006
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