Going out for the sole purpose of getting fat nasty women
yo do you want to go out with matt and greg to go moose hunting
by greg jones December 03, 2003
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A game in which a group of young males each contribute an agreed amount of money into a communal kitty at the start of an evening of drinking with the full amount eventually being given to the young man who can 'pull' the heaviest woman. The definition of 'pull' can be agreed at the start of the game. One common method of judging success is that anybody claiming the prize must provide a pair of worn panties as evidence of the 'pull'. On rare occaisions, where two of the males pull very similarly weighted ladies, it may be necessary to use scales to decide the winner. Should no player make a claim for the prize money it should be spent on alcoholic beverages for the group.
Amongst a group of males aged 17-25: "Who's in for a Moose Hunt?"
by Tinman April 02, 2004
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