She is beautiful, rays of sunshine because he can brighting up any ones day. She can make you smile at your bad times. She can be funny but not at the right time. She can your best friend. She knows how to cheer people up. She just does the right thing. She knows how to joke and not go too far. She's coolie. She has the most beautiful hair. And she is very gorgeous but she denied it. She claims she ugly. But she's very very not. She's short. She has big boobies. Anyone would love her.
Him: Look at alana.
Him2: I know she's a ray of sunshine.
by bestfriendkate<3. December 25, 2011
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Alana is the best person in the world 🌎 she is humble funny absolutely beautiful she is the perfect girlfriend other times she can be sexy and be sarcastic, but by all means she is loveing also a bit dirty at times also savage lastley she is a amazing person you will ever meet. Amazing kisser
by Anonymous11121314151617181920 February 08, 2019
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Beyond beautiful very smart and really short, Loves cheering, very goofy in person, takes her school work and future very seriously
Man I wish Alana was mine!
Alana is picture perfect!
by Zaskew4 March 14, 2016
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The shit of erry day.
You wake up imagining Alana is as special as the sun.
Dawgg i need me some Alana.
by Bobay January 26, 2008
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The most amazing girl in the world, she is kind, preety, smart girl if you have alana as a freind/girlfreind you are lucky and every body knows that she will be a super star
Hey bro see that girl

Who that its my girl alana
by Urbansjunior October 03, 2017
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A fantabulous girl that love sifi shows and anime she's perfect in every way and has a kink for doms
She normally has brown hair and brown eyes and is a very cute dork
"Damn, that Alana girl really cool, and I wanna be her friend"
"Wow Alana lookin bootylicious as always!"
by The dream team •3• ~ <3 March 04, 2015
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