Alana is someone with a heart that melts in sympathy as no one is more understanding than her. Her eyes are shattered stars from the face of heaven and her voice is sliver melted into sound. Mermaids are jealous of the grace she bestows upon any beholder; she makes any jewel look dull and crusted. Flowers gift her with their smell and the sun loves to smile down at her. Her laugh is bike rides; cold wind whipping the world in felicity, her soul is ribboned with a constellation of tear and she won the world at a carnival.
I wish there were more words to describe Alana.
by otherworld June 10, 2017
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is kind, funny, pretty, sporty, smart, creative. She is everything you could wish for in someone. She is so selfless and is always willing to put others before herself in any situation no matter the circumstance. If you meet an Alana you are guaranteed a friend for life. She treats people with respect yet is able to have fun and being around her is never dull. Whenever she walks into a room he mood immediately changes and lightens and a smile spreads across everyone's face. Everyone wishes they could be Alana and wants to be friends with her. Alana is the most incredible person you will meet that she is almost too good to be true. She is a definite keeper!!
Eric: ur so lucky she such an Alana
Tom: I know I got so lucky with her!
by Flowery princess xox July 12, 2017
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The most amazingly beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is sweet yet sarcastic and probably the sassiest person you will ever meet, she is not afraid to embarras herself and let her inner nerd shine. She will support you no matter what and will be your rock 100%.She has a great sense of humor and gets along with the guys and is a true bro at heart.Alana's have dark hair and hazel or green eyes. They are also attracted to blonde haired and blue eyed men. She is trust worthy and faithful and will love her boyfriend unconditionally. There are only a few guys Alana's will actually fall in love with, Justin's, Austin's, and Dylan's. Once you have an Alana never let her go, no matter how hard you try you'll Always be in love with Alana and she will be the girl to put a ring on it.
Alana is so beautiful!

I wish I had Alana's hair!

I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Alana In my life
by beachbum4 July 03, 2014
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The most amazing coolie girl you can ever meet. end of story. she's beautiful, loveable, clever, and funny! she'll bring the best out of anyone! she can sometimes think she's not pretty, and it's true, because she's beyond pretty. she's independant and is the take charge kinda girl.
you're bound to have tons of inside jokes with alana. she's amazing and if you get the chance to be friends with her, don't waste it.
Alana is awesome
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the most amazing person in the world, somtimes on back order, every body loves her and wishes to be her friend.
No guy can resist!
Darn my Alana isn't coming till thanksgiving.

Man i wish i was alana.

I love Alana!
by Biigy Smalls November 17, 2007
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Beautiful girl. Pretty eyes and her smile is gorg, she loves dancing and she loves her friends, man an Alana you just always want to be around she is kind loving caring and funny ( sonetimes)
Omg that girl alana is look smokin hot today
by Rad girl 21 November 26, 2016
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The hottest person I have ever met or become friends with. She is SO attractive and, to put it straight, I want to have her children.
I have had so many fantasies of her it just isn't funny. I NEED ALANA!
by GOBias Industries September 19, 2005
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