An aboslutely amazing, beautiful girl. She is adored by everyone she meets, and is the person to go to if you have a problem. She will be white, with freckles. She is the perfect person to have inside jokes with. Any Alana is worth talking to. She will always be there for you, and vice versa. She loves to laugh, smile, and hang out with her friends. She will always bring you JOY. She is super intelligent, and gets good grades. All around, she is a spiffy and dandy person!!

Alanas also love cats...
Alana is such a joy!!
by 5001679 August 06, 2011
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The most amazing girl in the world. She has the most gorgeous eyes. Her height is so sexy too. She has a really handsome boyfriend too. They will get married. She's really good in bed and she dances so dang good! She is perfect.
Man, Alana was dancing so sexy at the club last night

Alana should hook up with Austin bro!
by irightthebook April 05, 2011
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Alana's are chill ASF, and if you know an Alana, she prob one of your chilliest homies. She got chill in her, like mad chilll. She fights her own battles and don't take shit from no one. She's a true hater towards those who give her shit, towards those who trash her and those who treat her like shit and boy will Alana put up a fight. She's a true lover towards her loved ones, towards those she cares about, towards those whom she's fond of and those closest to her, and she's actually a nurturer and a loving person. Alana's are solid, loving deep and hating deeper, caring and actually very loving, real ASF, will kick ur ass brutal, and Boy! Is that Alana a pretty one ! ;)
If you know an Alana, she is a keeper ;)
Aye Alana, lets chilllll ;)
by exploding air plane 6969 September 05, 2017
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An extremly attractive girl who resides in a house with a big tree. she is such a homie and is loved by all. she may appear to be the most beautiful thing anyone has set eyes on but she claims shes ugly. she is a liar to all people so beware. she also claims that honest people lie and its not true. she is very beautiful and not ugly. she also has a donk that is property of someone who must not be named.
Guy: Hey isnt that girl alana so hot

Bob: yea but i heard she loves this kid chris

Guy: oh man im guna go hang myself now
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Alana is the Craziest most Weirdest most hyper gurl you will ever meet she’s very sweet with a caring heart ♥️ but don’t put up a fight with her cuz she’ll beat ur ass!!!!!💯💯💯 she got hands 💯💯 she’s the most fun person to be around she’s so funny!!🤣🤣 she’s loud,she LOVES to party!!!✨ and twerk🍑 she got a nice 🤤🍑💕 And a rlly nice body 😍she’s rlly pretty !!♥️ And fashionable too !! Always lookin like the bomb.com🤤💕 she has The most AMAZING PERSONALITY EVER!!!! She’s very outgoing and up to crazy adventures shes very adventurous and she’s 🥰 She’s so weird but in a very funny way 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she’s happy 24/7 😃💛 she got a smart mouth and sometimes can be very annoying she’s the type of friend that you will party with at a club 24/7
Alana is super funnyyyyyy
by Bebe 125433 July 09, 2019
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Alana is probably one of the most sassiest people you will meet. Also VERY talkative. She's a slow eater except for when it comes to sweets. Although she's deemed a smart person, you may be confused at times. Alana is a social butterfly and loves to crack a good joke .... or a couple. Most times, an Alana is photogenic AF! If you have an Alana in your life, you have been blessed.
"She's such a slow eater..."
"Yeah, of course. She's Alana!"
by rsuz May 24, 2018
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