Alaina is a brave, smart, honest, and hot girl. She will always be there for you when you need her and rides horses like nobody's watching. She can also dance like heck and can sing but not a lot of people know that. She is a complete tomboy and loads of fun.
Person 1: Hey Alaina can I watch you ride sometime?
Alaina: Sure, just come over and we will walk up to the ranch it's across the street
Person 1: Cool, see you then
by Narnia386 June 27, 2018
Alaina is one to be best friends with anyone. She's funny, spontaneous, and very beautuful. She's loyal and kind. Sexy in diffrent ways.Not much of a people person. Good with art and music. She loves to laugh and smile. She's been through a lot, but she hides it all. She enjoys spending time with friends. She doesn't deal with fake people. She's always there for others. And any guy would fall for her. Shes a loving and caring person. She enjoys every moment of her life , good or bad 😏
Guy: Have you seen Alaina today isn't she looking beautiful
Guy2: Yes... She looks great all the time!
by -Boyswillbeboys- February 20, 2018
Alaina is a beautiful and caring person. She will call and wake you up in the middle of the night to see if you were sleeping because she wants to talk, but it’s only because she loves you like crazy and just wants you to know that she does. After she gets over her nerves she’s the most fun date you’ll ever go on. Everyone loves her smile and her laugh. She always brings joy everywhere she goes, and she’ll always make you feel loved.
Alaina is the best
by DannyBoy27 February 21, 2019
A wonderful person that does not need Urban Dictionary to tell her she's a great person with great hair.
Alaina may come off as a less talkative person, but she is full of great ideas!
by elfqueen February 25, 2015
Alaina is an amazing person. She is very inteligent and she has beautiful curly brown hair and big brown eyes. She also has an amazing butt! Every guy drools over her when she wears yoga pants. She has a great singing voice but most people don't know that. Alaina is the most trustworthy person you will ever meet and will never let you down. She is amazing and will give you the best advice ever. People often take her for granted and don't know how much she's been through. She may have been through a lot, but she doesn't take it out on other people and is there for everyone. Alaina does not judge or discriminate people. Alaina is the best friend anyone can ever have and is a boy magnet! Every guy wants her but can never get the courage to ask her out. Alaina is all around beautiful.
Guy 1: Hey, I kind of want to ask Alaina out
Guy 2: Do it! She's beautiful!
Guy 1: I just don't want to get rejected

Girl 1: Alaina, i'm having some problems with my boyfriend, could you help me out?
Alaina: Of course!
by beotcchhh February 20, 2013
One of the most trustworthy people you'll EVER meet. She beautiful, funny, and smart. Usually Alaina's have a talent in music. She may not be the skinniest or have the best body, but she's amazing, and beautiful in her own way. Inside and out. She's a leader and she's strong. She stands her ground when others don't.
Guy: Have you seen Alaina?
Girl: No, but she's awesome!

Guy: I know! She's incredible and sexy.
by pianoplayer2345 August 30, 2011