An amazing,kind, and gorgeous girl! So easy to talk to and understands you better than lots of people. She will always be there for you when no else is and will never leave your side, if u ever meet an akshaya keep her because you’re lucky to have met one.
“I stayed up all night talking to her”
by A person that loves you July 22, 2019
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Someone who is full of life, and has undying optimism!
He is such an akshaya! Despite losing the race so many times he still hasn't given up!
by Winnie12345677 April 22, 2011
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Akshaya is a sexy Indian girl. She is very picky, but once you become her friend, she’ll never leave you. She’s super friendly and her energy is contagious. She gets horny really easily but she won’t have sex that fast. If you are her boyfriend, you’re the luckiest person in the world. If you’re her girlfriend, you’re even luckier. Just don’t make her angry, she’ll become a crazy bitch. But a great friend nonetheless.

It’s Akshaya, dummy.
by nithilqn711 February 15, 2021
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A fun-loving person who wants to live her life to the best. She wants to ride horses and her boyfriend's dick. Good submissive and breedable girl. Will drive you around if she gets her licence. Loves you infinite like her name.
Dont lose her bro shes an akshaya
by eshayyybraaah April 12, 2022
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art of living as Akshaya,

Which includes excessive sleeping that leads to sleep disorder. Excessive pooping that leads to constipation. Excessive eating that leads to eating disorder.
by PerryTheRacoon November 23, 2021
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Akshaya is an amazing girl who most of the time falls in love at the age of 12, she is smart, freaky and extremely skinny and petite. she's a bit scary when she's mad but she's a butterfly in the inside surprisingly shes a Gemini I thought she was a Scorpio lol. shes never eat which is not a good thing and is very boney. she has TikTok but doesn't even know any dances other than renegade she says TikTok is lame. shes acc really funny ngl she has a very good sense of humour.
by hibitchs300 April 16, 2020
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akshaya is a very pretty n a slagg. talks to bare man as if theres no tomorrow. She is also a HOE!
knows how to make a boy happy. loves gassing her friends and the stupidest shit comes out of her mouth. she acts like shes innocent but trust shes NOT. shes a bait rude bitch and will always deny shes bait! lol loved by all her friends and is usually a peacemaker
wow is that Akshaya! looks like hoe seasons started
by lil BaBy Gunna April 6, 2019
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