n.) a super awesomely amazing arab. (adj.) of super awesome amazing quality.
Synonyms: perfection, stupendious, God
Antonym: loser, wannabe

You are an Akkad. That looks so Akkad. You think you're so Akkad but your not.
by Utbah Al Wasim January 27, 2009
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A racist anti-semetic fatass who believes himself to be a quarter black because his grandfather was Mediterranean and became famous on youtube for making shitty response videos to feminists and sjws. When Sargon isn't trying to get the trademark for the term he coined(that term being liberalism) he is screaming about white niggers and richard spencer while masturbating to traps and feeding dinosaurs in ARK with his gypsy friend Vee. Sargon has a habbit of crying when people call him a cuck and will frequently try to shoot the insult back at whoever said it in spite of the fact that he literally is one because he raises a daughter who isn't his own and watches black men fuck his wife.
I can't believe I used to watch Sargon of Akkad's videos, that guy's a total cuck.
by Liberalist Trapnostatist March 20, 2018
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AKA Carl Benjamin is an English Youtuber, political commentator and former political candidate/milkshake target.

Formerly an aspiring edgelord, he has since stopped using really naughty words, shedded and shredded his nerd weight and read lots of articles and books to become a based chad, though he has retained his neckbeard. Currently he runs the LotusEaters podcast. He has used his knowledge of basic reasoning and common sense to shit on: Anita Sarkeesian, Jess Phillips, Akilah Hughes, intersectionality, critical race theory, Islamic fundamentalism and wokeism, to name but a few.

I bet they wish they had just let him play video games now.

For the old ruler of the Akkadian Empire, try a proper source.
Ha ha ha, look what they've done, it's the motherfuckin' Sargon of Akkad.
by Yorkshire Pirate January 22, 2022
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one of the most famous rulers of Iraq, who conquered the entire region and surrounding areas and made everyone his bitch and the entire region of Mesopotamia was at peace. His name means "the True King" in Akkadian
All hail king Sargon of Akkad - ܨܐܪܓܘܢ
by Assyrian guy December 1, 2009
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