An amazing guy that just is sometime too sexy.
Akiva Shaffer is soo sexy
by akivaBZY August 12, 2010
A complete and utter genius who deserves every girl he goes for and should be allowed to screw the sexy teachers at school
Akiva is a total DON
by kiwi69 September 23, 2012
The biggest man to ever walk this earth
U see that fuckin hammer over there? That’s fuckin Akiva brah
by akivaiscool April 28, 2019
A very kind,beautiful ,smart and funny athletic little girl she loves sports
Akiva is a very athletic girl
by Keeeva 21 March 11, 2019
A beautiful young little girl who loves sports she is very athletic she is funny and very smart
Akiva is a very athletic girl
by Keeeva 21 March 11, 2019
A member of The Lonely Island, a comedy troupe that currently works on Saturday Night Live, Akiva Schaffer writes Saturday Night Live's Digital Shorts along with Jorma Taccone. They usually have third Lonely Island member Andy Samberg as the star. Akiva Schaffer directed The Lonely Island's film: Hot Rod, and has driected a number of music videos for We Are Scientists and Eagles of Death Metal, and more, as well as SNL's digital shorts. Akiva seems to be the least known and recognized member of The Lonely Island, though he has many fans and admirers. He is also called Kiv.
Ryan:"Hey did you know Akiva Schaffer directed that one We Are Scientists music video?"

Steven: "You mean Kiv from The Lonely Island?"


Steven:"Wow that's awesome!"

Chloe: "Kiv is so dreamy."
by SobriquetLemonade August 31, 2009
Being a lazy shit. Also, staying home every summer and playing tennis instead of getting a job. Being a huge loser as well as a jackass.
Goddamnitt Jon, stop pulling an Akiva and get off your ass and do something!

Everyone went to the party except Jamal who decided to pull an Akiva and stay home by himself.
by Young Weezy Carter July 3, 2012