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A smart,beautiful,wonderful girl who every boy wants but she only has her eye on one boy she is very popular at school she is Athletic a LOT of girls be hating on her she is one of the greatest friends you could have she is very loyal she loves her family so much she can be sensitive although she can FIGHT and she is very honest she dosent talk a lot of stuff she mainly just fights
Damn oh yeah that’s Akashi she FINE
by Alianna2525 June 14, 2018
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A hypocrite of a level 1 human priest, who bathes himself in his own retardednes

Originating from an RP server, and participating in the bi-annual spooning in the deep run tram. The term Akashi is also used to define somebody who is a premature ejaculator and loves his job as a fluffer.

The name Noto is synonymous with Akashi
Wow. Last night in the deep run tram was great. My BF and I were all alone in the tunnel. He went Akashi all over me.
by oldironsides August 29, 2005
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