This name is of Japanese orgin. It means light;brightness. It is a beautiful name. Probably one of the prettiest names I've ever heard.
Into this world, we welcome Princess Akari.
by EvaneEnd January 15, 2013
It is defined as japanese name.But it has also Burmese definition.Akari in burmese is called the 'Queen'.
Eg. You're such an 'Akari' .That's mean you're a queen.
by A2984 June 2, 2020
Apparently she likes hanging out with 10year olds cuz shes fucking bored in kangaroo town. She has all the games and is rich af , even tho she wont admit she actually has a secret stash of gold bars under her pillow she got from stripping. She also dates people named kiyra who no one can spell correctly. Akari has also recently figured out that shes pansexual aka she likes being raped my kitchen appliances. Anyway she has animal crossing and bullies anyone who doesnt , tho she bullies anyone and everyone anyway. She also likes attention and has an army of actual simps although one named michael sucks ass. She also likes raping, oops i mean rapping in vc , saying lOL (might as well say oil) and doing crazy shit with her homies. She also publishes retarded-ass urban dictionaries that are sadly 100% true and unfortunately for her victims/friends she is very good at writing this kind of shit. At heart she is a kind and fun person but i cant say anything directly bad or she’ll throttle me. Sometimes if shes bored , she will randomly start either an uwu roleplay or her limbs falling of(drug use suspected).Btw she has the most loli sounding voice i have heard and 90% were laughs and giggel.

Help me, Akari is torturing me with her stripper money
by Akawy May 27, 2020
Akari is kuros best friend and they are both littles
by Akari not a loli January 7, 2019
An ancient race with great magical power from John Marcos book the devils armor.
The Akari in my amulet pulsed me with great power.
by shalafein October 29, 2008
(Akari) is a big body man with muscles with a monster cock that can destroy any and all pussy he satisfies all of his women. He is a loving man a good friend and would never lie to anyone
Big bitch nigga: yo you heard (akari) he gotta big cock
Lil bitch nigga: you homo
A Japanese girl that has a great fashion sense and likes a Japanese male
Akari likes someone.
by Skkskskksks May 8, 2019