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The name given to an absolute god. Popular with the ladies, a lad with the men. Feared for his strength, be it mental or physical, and respected for his kindness. The mere word of his name make girls moist. He is the funniest and most loved of the group, whenever he speaks everyone listens. An Aitor is defiantly NOT one you would want to argue with, but if good friends with him, he will most likely resist from roasting your ass. He would go well with most non-frigid girls but he is never going to last as most hot chick around him might be a bit too much to resist...
Girl 1: Hey did you hear that Aitor is hanging out with us again?
Girl 2: Oh please stop. I already masturbated once today already...
by chickendippnfingerlickngod March 28, 2015
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A person with the name "Aitor" usually comes from a part of Europe. He is know to be good with the ladies. However, most girls don't even bother getting to know him better because they classify him as "One of those guys". People mainly know him for his kindness, rare personality, and athleticism. Aitor is someone you don't want to mess with. If he ever gives you a death stare, just know that he will dismantle you. He isn't a fake friend and will be with you even in the darkest of times. Aitor will give a girl the greatest sex they'll ever have. They'll never forget how he made them feel in bed. Overall, if you are lucky enough to cross paths with an Aitor, do everything possible to keep him a part of your life because there isn't many boys like him. Once he's gone, he's gone.
Girl 1: Guys, Aitor will be meeting with us later

Girl 2: The sound of his names gives me an orgasm. This is the 7th time today!
Girl 1: Wow, I wonder how bad it is when he's actually with us
Girl 2: Oh trust me, it gets messy down there...
by Aitor K November 18, 2017
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