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Aima is the most generous, and beautiful person you will ever meet. Her smile will light up your day, because she smiles even when she has nothing to smile about. She will never get tired of hearing you vent. She is friendly, and amazing in every way. If anyone hurts her, doesn't matter if it's a friend or a boyfriend...they will regret it about three seconds after she walks away from them. You will never find anyone you would rather be friends with, or be loved by. She has so much to offer the world, and yet she still considers herself a regular girl. She is anything but ordinary.
Person 1: I love volunteering at the hospital, it is a chance to make so many people happy.

Me: You are such an Aima ;)
by la_de_da101 December 11, 2010
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(noun) Person who loves the sight of their own or others blood; blood lover
"I can't believe she slits her wrists"
"She only does it because she likes the sight of their own blood. What that word called from Urban dictionary? Oh aíma!"
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A tiny hairy creature that lurks in the city streets at night.
"Dont go outside tonight, i think i saw an Aima"
by TheAlmightyMonkeyKing September 03, 2016
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A hairy ass pice of shit. She will hit on ur man, and on every other man. she is a loner n stalks everyone. she is a nightmare and she loves black men especially in math class. Also is a swear word.
by Alfredos gain June 13, 2018
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A bitch who think that she is hot but yet annoyingly annoying. She is the girl who will steal your man . She is going to flirt with all your guy and said that those guy hit on her. She is highkey a bitch . Omg she also thinks that she is super nice but actually fake . People see her as an angel but yet she is a Satan masked with angel beauty .
Oh my god, I just saw Aima in the hallway . She is such a bitch. She flirt with my guy last week yet he don't know that my guy is loyal. FCK U bitch
by Starfireeeee April 25, 2019
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