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Ahla in turkist means,a very cute and sweet girl and in Arabic it is derived from the Arabic word"halviyat",which means sweets. Due to the meaning ,the women named Ahla are cute in appearance and have a sweet behaviour and are real soft heart.They get famous famous for there their cute faces and beautiful nature.They are deep and have a personality reflecting modesty,prestige and respect.
Damn !That girl is Ahla! Lovely talking to her
by Sofokia November 26, 2018
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ahla in hebrew means: all right, OK, its all good
how was the lafa? ahla!
by gal GEVER August 03, 2005
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fuck a ahla. every ahla is a hoe
lady 1: ahla fucking stole my man
lady 2: yes ahla stole ur mans so now we finna get him back lol
by amistake101 July 18, 2018
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word used to describe a feeling of boredom & possible euphoria
if something is really funny..u laugh and say..'ah la'

if someone is boring you or bothering you..say 'ah la' other words..telling them to shutup
by zyiir.daunte August 14, 2008
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