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The anime/manga version of an orgasmic facial expression. It's generally very sexualized and lewd, and may or may not be accompanied with heart eyes/pupils.

Ahegao is commonly used in any kind of BDSM type hentai, along with hentai that feature the "rape" fetish. However, ahegao does NOT equal rape.
Anime/manga girls make the weirdest faces in ahegao hentai.
by StormSurge November 22, 2017
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A Face An Anime Character Makes When They Are "Fucked Silly"
Guy 1: I heard Lisa could make an ahegao face
Guy 2: I totally want to see!
by Anime Weeb UwU November 16, 2019
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The extremely disturbing facial expression when a woman gets dinner rolled
Next time your on go to the "ahegao"section
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by Saltyboi243 July 16, 2018
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The face a hentai goddess makes while having Intercourse. Can be found in public on hoodies, pants, and shirts
"WTF is on your T-shirt? "
" A lot of ahegao faces. "
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by NEARD_MAN5680 December 05, 2019
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A term used to describe the facial expressions of hentai anime girls who are being raped, and hence their mental health has hit rock bottom. Ahe Gao is usually a combination of expressions of happiness, sadness, disappointment, and futility.
Me: I fucked 10 girls last night with my 11 inch and at least half of them ended up with Ahe Gaos!
Friend: Did you take pictures?
by whathef7 November 14, 2009
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It's a realy wierd japanese/chinese/korean involving mostly with anime or manga of an orgasm facial expression. A VERY STUPID ORGASM FACE. They basically have their eyes roll back, tongue out and a very stupid face when they orgasm. It's almost like an eye roll orgasm but with more dummy face involved.

It also similar to an eye roll orgasm, since AHEGAO involves eye rolling orgasm and latley camsluts from, chaturbate and MFC have been putting vibrating panties and make people tip and they start shaking like a demon possession, doing eye roll orgasms and ahegao type orgasms for more money and yes, it's a turn on.
Guy: Just saw this camslut rolling her eyes and getting possed by a demon on a camsite.
Guy 2: Sounds like an ahegao! She had that stupid facial orgasm?
Guy: Yep, pretty stupid.
by Eye Roll Orgasm December 16, 2018
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