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When a person from a previous generation complains about the shortcomings of the current generation - also known as remembering the "good ole days" that really weren't all that great. Usually accompanied by "Back in my day...", "When I was your age...", or "Kids today..." This is also usually a sign that the rager has forgotten that 1) They were young once and raised hell too, and 2) The current generation is a direct result of methods of raising used by the previous generations.
Donnie: "We don't need no stinkin' sex ed! In my day, we learned about the functions and anatomy of gender. Not how to actually have sex. When I was your age, if I got caught in school kissing my girlfriend, odds are depending on how hot and heavy that kiss was, I would have been at minimum suspended up to expelled."
Erin: "Oh, quit with the age rage, Donnie."
by brawlberry April 17, 2013
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This is when you are in a hurry at any store, and an old person is in line in front of you in line is moving super slow.
Ofter times they insist on using coupons, and paying with a checkbook.
I was in a total age rage, when the old lady insisted on buying one banana with a coupon, and paying with her checkbook.
by dr rocket December 09, 2018
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The instant anger that comes with dealing with older people who just don't seem to understand technology.
Adrian took a call from an elderly gentleman he had dropped his laptop down the stairs, and now it wouldnt turn on. He flew into such an age-rage.
by nico-p November 14, 2018
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