Person 1: Bro I fucking hate age restriction on YouTube.

Person 2: Same.
by KinFiction August 27, 2023
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A reason someone may give you, typically a guy, of why they cannot call you their S/O, mainly when you are at least 18 but younger than 21 while they are 21 or older. The reality is that at the age of 18 in the US an individual is legally free to make their own decisions about who they want to date as long as the person is 18 or older, and the reason someone may try to tell you otherwise can be one of several reasons:
1. They for whatever reason really do believe otherwise and if you try to convince them that isn't true it could come off to them as being pushy
2. They think you are lying about your age and are secretly under 18
3. The concept of older people dating people between the ages of 18-20 is looked down upon because it is believed that people ages 18-20 are immature, more vulnerable, and can be easily influenced and manipulated by older people
4. They don't like you that way and they're trying to make up a lie to not hurt your feelings
5. They do like you that way but they're afraid for some reason of commitment or falling in love with someone when they have been hurt before and afraid they will get hurt
6. They're afraid they might hurt you
7. They are a player and trying to play games with your emotions and string you along because it satisfies them but their ego is too big to actually like you or want to date you
"What is the biggest BS someone has tried to get you to believe?
The 21+ age restriction for dating!"
by MyCrushDoesn'tKnowBut... October 6, 2020
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you usually come up to this in comment sections of youtube videos where the main subject of the video is mocking on a youtuber/related has, by myth, most of the audience are kids, usually age 9 or lower.
if the video is actually about that subject, and it has dislikes
IdubbzTV: *makes ricegum content cop video / disstrack*
video: *has dislikes*
people in the comment section: if this video was age restricted, there'd be no dislikes
by zz9 November 15, 2019
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A restriction that prevents people under a certain age from doing something.
An age restriction was set in the household that family members have to be 12 or over to watch a horror film.
by iamnotmyself April 17, 2022
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