A kind, pretty and intelligent girl. You will be lucky to have a friend like her, however look out for her, she may not say whether she needs you but you will know when she does.

Be careful with her though,when things get rough be that person to pick her up and help her no matter what. Don't let an Agata go, she gives amazing advice and is a perfect friend even with all her flaws.
When she distances herself you will know something's wrong, do not let her slip away from you. Motivate her, dont let her down or leave her to sort herself out. She's independent, but she will always need someone to look after her. She is quiet, socially awkward and shy AF, but once you two are together she will be loud and hilarious! An agata takes a while to open up but if she does be supportive, not dramatic or opinionated. Give good advice and be there for her no matter how mad she may make you, never give up on an Agata. Once an Agata is gone its hard to find another one, treasure her and treat her with care.
Person 1: did you see that quiet girl agata?
Person 2: yeah she's a nice girl, really pretty and unique
Person 1: I wish I had her as a friend
by Oldhandle___ June 19, 2017
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Very attractive has a very nice body and you’ll love her. She is a great friend! Usually polish
by Heyitsjessica February 6, 2019
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A female name. Most Agata's are a bit sexual and also awkward, dark sense of humor.
Agata is being weird again. As per usual.
by Rtime December 22, 2016
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Crazy, Joyful, Intelligent Person
Always cheers up her friends when they are down and always jokes around just being hyper!
She is a very friendly person! Whoever isn't friends with her either has no sense of humour or is a complete and utter dumb blonde!/freak!
Agata is the opposite of Stevie on Youtube!
by Bubbleope September 8, 2009
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I luhhhh chuuuu
Agata is amazing
by Agataaas Joseph July 15, 2019
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Polish, weird,hyper,crazy
Wants to do chris and richard
1st person:agata is weird today
2nd person:as usual
by Bigman555 May 24, 2010
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A member of the Shishigumi. He is a congo lion with a dark-brown colored fur and has light colored spots under his eyes. He's the youngest but he's pretty strong (and cute 😳).
You: "Oh my god that lion is so cute."
Me: "Yeah dude that's Agata"
by simp haha March 26, 2021
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