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A socially known hoe that has settled down and is trying to get her or his life together.
i remember back in college Brenda would get with anyone. Some guy wife'd her up I heard I. wonder if he knows she's a Afterthot?
by Ms millz July 04, 2015
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N. A Thot (That Hoe Over There) who is so incredibly stupid and ignorant, the THOUGHT of even fucking with her anymore upsets you.
Why don't you even fuck with her anymore? Cuz she a damn Afterthot.
by Laredo[HK] April 10, 2015
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Someone so irrelevant you forget they exist until they post something stupid on social media and you're reminded of how much you hate them.
Friend 1: Did you see what fucking Kelly just posted on Instagram?

Friend 2: Who?
Friend 1: That girl who used to play lacrosse or volleyball or something in college. *shows pic*

Friend 2: Ohhh, her. Yeah, she's such an afterthot.
by gremling May 13, 2018
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A thot (that hoe over there) that you've already hit it with. Basically the left overs that you don't care about. They are so unimportant that they're merely an afterthot.
Yo, you see Juan with that afterthot? Tell me why I smashed last week. LMAO
by byumbaclot December 29, 2013
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1. A person that is so much of a hoe that they have upgraded from thot status.

2. When you come to the realization that a person you were interested in a moment ago was terrible ideal after you rethought about it.
by Corrust May 10, 2018
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Like a cougar, but with no standards or dignity. Usually describes herself as a milf, but is usually just a rusty old ratchet. Is definitely old enough to know better... and you wish she would.
That afterthot just asked the dj to play Ricky Martin, said she was twenty-one, complimented his "ed hardy boys" shirt, then got upset when he said thank you, ma'am.
by Popularity's Overrated April 12, 2015
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