(noun) The visible blush on a young woman's face directly or shortly after she has just received a fast and satisfactory fuck in her
The afterglow on Ashley's face was impossible to not notice when Momma exclaimed to both her and Kyle, the two guilty parties, "My goodness, children, and only been going steady for a little under a month and already turning my home into some kind of Sodom and Gomorrah. Good heavens, children".
by Nikki Stixx August 20, 2020
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It’s like if the word “trippy” was a feeling or an emotion.
After tripping for 12 hours on acid, I had a strong afterglow for the rest of the day.
by Luke2112 July 2, 2019
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The look of contentment on a person's face after great sex.
After her third orgasm her face showed a lot of afterglow.
by Numbnuts March 2, 2006
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The act of locking your roommate out of your apartment after they graciously left your signifacnt other and you alone to have sex, just so that they comeback home and you won't let them inside after they called you to let them in because you say the moment after sex is so beautiful and your cuddling and you don't want to ruin the moment because your a lazy piece of shit.
Me-Dude let me inside

Roomate-can't man, me and (insert name here) are having afterglow
Me-screw you thats the gayest thing i've heard i'm gald i masturbate in your bed.
by Monroe space kraken-slayer March 29, 2012
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When you cream your jeans and bask in it instead of cleaning yourself.
Number One: Well, aren't you going to clean your jeans?
Number Two: Hell no man, I'm basking in the afterglow rn.
by MalumLibrum958 April 11, 2021
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A hangover that is worth it because the previous night was so awesome.
Friend 1: Duude, why are you so happy? Don't you have a hangover from last night?

Friend 2: Nah, I've got an afterglow from dancing so hard and meeting my dream girl.
by Jcloud October 9, 2018
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