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The landing of any trick on skis with what appears to be extreme steeze. Usually done by placing hands by waist in front or behind and leaning back in a relaxed stance.
by afterbangforlife May 12, 2009
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After landing a sick skiing trick you ride away all steezy and relaxed. Some people think this makes them look extra talented.
damn K-rob just afterbanged the $h!t out of that double cork 1260!
by HOOD_RICH January 27, 2009
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After throwing down your tightest move on the hill, leaning back with your hand on the front of your pants and chilling as you ride away like its no big deal.
His afterbang on the kangaroo flip made it seem like he wasnt even trying
by kingofthegroms August 27, 2009
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After launching yourself and your snowboard through the air and landing your dopest move, maintain your cool stable landing pose for a second or two and ride into the distance like it ain't no thang.
Yo, check this guy's afterbang, so sick it's like he never left the ground.
by Pimp-X May 10, 2005
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A term used commonly in freestyle skiing, snowboarding and other extreme sports. It represents riding rails, landing and riding out with mad steeze.
Tyler: Yo, Calum! Did you see rail I just switched up on?
Calum: Ya bro sick switchup, and you rode out that afterbang with mad steeze!
by that anon August 27, 2009
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-Adjective, noun, verb
1. A certain style one might have after hitting a jump or rail on skis.
2. A look someone has after completeing a tough trick or a intense crash.
3. All skiers have this if they ride twin tips, very few snowboarders can have it.
1. Dude that guy had so much after-bang, holy balls...

2. hahah oh man he fell but that after-bang was steezy!

3. Man that guy rocks so hard, after-bang out the wazz, nice dude, nice......
by pro advance April 21, 2010
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