An African who was educated in the US or Europe and spends a significant amount of time in those parts of the world.

It doesn't matter whether they are born abroad or not; the important thing is their global perspective on issues, as well as their mixed cultural identity.
Becky: Hey Kofi, you're so hot. Where are you from?

Kofi: Well, I was born in Ghana but have lived in New York for the past fifteen years, so I'm a true Afropolitan. I eat fufu with as much dexterity as I eat a philly cheese steak!
by Mr_Cool February 7, 2012
African + cosmopolitan collaboration of the two word

1. An African from the continent of dual nationality
2. An African born in the Diaspora
3. An African who identifies with their African and European heritage and mixed culture.
A truely Afropolitan style of dress.
by Afropolitan Style March 7, 2010