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Noun Af-ri-keyn

A derogatory term used against black African-Americans. It is used to describe the often violent riots and buffoonery that occur in mass scale when entire communities of colored people of African descent feel a racial injustice has occurred against them.

The word is derived from the combination of African and Hurricane because these events (which are exclusive to people of black African descent) share similarities with a severe storm. Many of the signs of an "Africane" are shop fires, overturned cars, mass looting, and severe violence against weak white men and pregnant white women.

Most Africanes occur on at least a metropolitan scale, but are known to have spread at a both regional and national scale.

1. "Earl, get the popcorn ready. There is going to be an Africane after the jury deliberates on the Ferguson case."

2. "Boy, were those niggers chimp'n the fuck out. It was a good thing it didn't turn into a Africane, we wouldn't have made it out alive."

3. "Sharon, don't leave the house now you hear? There's an Africane going on out there. I don't want you to lose the baby."

4. "Today we need to board up the windows and if there's any left buy some additional paramilitary gear and guns for this Africane that is coming."
by TheVenerable7x7 November 25, 2014
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