An African is someone from Africa they dont have to be black some africans are white and others are asian So basicly an African is someone from Africa what couler skin they have does not matter. Its as simple as that.
boy: Hi where are you from
girl: Im from Africa
Boy: but your white
Girl: some Africans are white
by Nyasha July 25, 2006
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African - some one from Africa.

African in America is different from an African American/ black American becasue we still retain our culture and language. There is no term for Africans in America, most people use the name of the specific country ie Nigerian -American, Malawian-American, South - African American, rather then the general "African" for those that are first generation or naturalised. This is so that African Americans are not to be confused with African in America.

(ie Italian American is used over European American becasue it is more specific),part of the reason people tend to hyphenate the term 'african' is becasue people still tend to see Africa as one large country with different states, as opposed to several ( 56 different countries with distincet cultures, languages, and laws.)
Are you African or African American?
I am an African and a citizen of an African country.

He may be a white citizen of an African country but is not an African-American because he is white.
by Ms T November 21, 2005
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Cool people
That have big ass dicks and they pull hoes
i love my baby jj he is African so you what that means
by Jewett February 16, 2018
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1. Another word equivalent to "butt", "bottom", "bum" etc.
2. Often used when the African is of a plump nature.
Aimee: African on dat!
Jonty: I know!
by Alfred88 December 7, 2011
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Someone whose ancestry willingly emigrated from Africa, conversely to African-American. The real black people, with real African names, not stupid pseudo African ghetto names that will keep you from getting a job. Also, the most educated group in the US fact
Wow, the family moving in next door is of African descent, they must pull in 200K per year.
by realafrican December 19, 2010
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There are African Americans and African Africans.

African Americans were born and raised in America, so did their parents and grand parents.

African African is sosmeone who was born in Africa and raised there. They might move to America and become a fob.

Jasmine: What's your name?

African: Chinedu

Jasmine: Where are you from again?

Chinedu: Nigeria I was born and raised there, I moved here last year.

Jasmine: Oooohhh!! So you are not African American you are African African.
by Gozzy July 17, 2008
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The state or process of applying African attributes (anything African) to someone or something. In other words internalizing Africa to something else.
Joseph since he moved to Nigeria had went to the process of Africanization.
by Zero2infinity August 27, 2018
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