A rapper from New York who has brought "nerd rap" to the front of the Hip-Hop scene. His specialty is that of complex metaphors and meticulous storytelling.
Songs such as: No Regrets, 11:35, Daylight, Babies With Guns, Drawbridge.
by Deep Space Evil 9MM April 29, 2005
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Aesop Rock is the holy god of backpacker rappers. People actually think he says something in his raps, but that is a misconception. 95% of his songs are just plain gibberish and most people that listen to him don't realize that.
-Aesop Rock, “Prosperity”
"Soakin’ an pokin’ a half
Soakin’ a laugh crash test
Figure the mixture’s diggin’ up his last breath
Grief thief leaf briefly turned chieftain.
The tap water’s on, the water’s off, the water’s leakin’”
by serb mafia January 16, 2007
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A rapper that just states gibberish and words with no actual meaning. Really boring to listen to and has a retarded style.
Aesop Rock - Daylight
Yo...put one up to shackle me, not clean logic procreation
I did not invent the wheel I was the crooked spoke adjacent
While the triple sixers lassos keep angels roped in the basement
I walk the block with a halo and a stick poking your patience
Ya'll catch a 30 second flash visual
Dirty cooperative net platoon bloom head trip split rediculous
Fathom the splicing of first generation
Fuck up or trickle down anti hero smack (Cracking!)
I paste the game to zero hour completion green (Splash!)
Duke of early retirement pick a dream
American nightmare hogging the screen
I'll hold the door open so you can stumble in
if you'd stop following me around the jungle gym
Now it's an honor and I spell it with the 'H' I stole from heritage
Merit crutch stolen wretched refuse of my teeming resonance
I promise temperance towards breed with a leaning conscience
Here the creed acts since responsive but my sports the war's the wattage
And I'm sleeping now (Wow!) yeah the settlers laugh
You won't be laughing when your covered wagons crash
You won't be laughing when the buzzards drag your brother's flags into rags
You won't be laughing when your front lawn is spangled with epitaphs
Dont be laughing!
And I hang my boots to rest when I'm impressed
So I triple knot them and forgot them
This origami dream is beautiful
but man those wings will never leave the ground
Without a feather and a lottery ticket, now settle down
by galeon October 07, 2006
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1. Easily one of the worst emcees of all time. None of his lyrics make sense, with respect to Jay-Z's famous line from the battle with Nas, "Because you don't understand him it don't mean that he nice. Just mean you don't understand all the bullshit that he writes."

2. The emcee who's style sounds like he raps on acid
1. "Aesop Rock hasn't been underground for 14 years simply because he enjoys it, he's been underground for so long because he's failed to establish a strong enough fan base to exceed the underground."

2. "These wings...
Have seen things most men would melt apart from
it's like, wait,wait,wait,wait,wait,
all my drunk destiny pushed was one radio flyer chock full of halo parts,
ringin' this crime,
like man, I could fix your broken shine,
We're all saint swept serpent tide 'round charcoal tomorrow,
bunk holiday debt, easy now brother, I'm here,
I'm now, then and there, I we us them it I'm sorry, I'm,
god, this final extension's beautiful, but friend, I don't deserve it,
I beg of you sweet father"
by RapAfficionado September 12, 2011
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