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Concerned with studying the motion of air, how air interact with different object. An Aerodynamics object are an object that interact well with air, meaning it can reduce drag.
An Aerodynamics object can easily move through air without or with lower force of drag.
by T.M.D December 27, 2011
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1. the characteristics of the outer body of a vehicle, aircraft, etc., that affect the efficiency with which it moves through the air

Matty is aerodynamic...awesome
by Mysterio...the Mystery Man November 07, 2007
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A rounded edged object. Used in physics.
When it was his time to shine, Ashton Irwin tried to open a can of Nutella with his aerodynamic nose, but sadly failed in the attempt.
by Jay-drizzle September 02, 2014
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adv. or n. --- productive/busy/moving (eh pretty much doing anything) in a majestic or musical manner (dancing) making time fly by faster than usual, or at least funner for that matter. Most times, music in present in the form of pop, rock, techno, and other execptions. usually not indie or any kindda calm music (whatever you can really dance to).
1- Matt's aerodynamic approach towards getting her chores done made everyone in the house look at her weird.

2- Matt is being aerodynamic.
by TumiNeko July 28, 2009
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