Aemelia is a caring, sweet, lovable girl. She is stunningly beautiful & bewitching. She has an heart of gold & helps anyone in need. She is also very funny.
Aemelia is amazing
by Moo moo November 27, 2013
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It is unequivocally known that any girl named Aemelia is much cuter/attractive/pretty etc. than any person named Dylan. This is well known and supported by many people throughout the world, as it is obvious.
Person 1: "Hey man, do you wanna play some 2k?"
Person 2: "Pfft, is Aemelia cuter than Dylan?"
by Bruhmovement January 27, 2022
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Aemelia is the most hottest sexiest person ever in life if you guys see her stick with her she is so sexy
Boy 1 oh my God it's Aemelia she's so cute what do you think
Boy 2 she is way out of my league
by Cute ❤️ May 30, 2020
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