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(n.) A person who would be the most loyal, kind-hearted, generous and helpful friend if he feels the need for it. They usually trust their friends in their inner circle a lot and regularly give them loans, if required.

They also are exceptionally intelligent, usually in the top 5 of their Grade.

Derived from Sanskrit ‘Advaita’ which means ‘unique’.
Thanks for the cash, bro! You’re such an Advait.
by Khuiboi1234 January 16, 2018
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An amazing person who is good at everything. someone who you'd love as a person and would ask for advice. A great frind and kind-hearted.
by LA black OPS March 14, 2011
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some one with a really small and microscopic penis. And fat too
is shivani pregnant yet?
no, her husband is too advait to knock her up.
by ihateadvait November 26, 2013
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A man who is extremely tall and muscular and seduces you effortlessly but is an asshole who uses you in the end.
He’s such an Advait.
by HumpedandDumpedByAdvait May 02, 2018
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