(n.) A person who would be the most loyal, kind-hearted, generous and helpful friend if he feels the need for it. They usually trust their friends in their inner circle a lot and regularly give them loans, if required.

They also are exceptionally intelligent, usually in the top 5 of their Grade.

Derived from Sanskrit ‘Advaita’ which means ‘unique’.
Thanks for the cash, bro! You’re such an Advait.
by Khuiboi1234 January 16, 2018
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He is the most perfect man alive. When girls see him, their pussies immediately begin to flood and bring water to the crops of the land. He is the best possible friend you can ask for. Everyone idolizes him, and all the girls compete to be with him.
Wow, that guy is such an Advait. He's probably really popular.
by anshanshansh June 3, 2021
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An amazing person who is good at everything. someone who you'd love as a person and would ask for advice. A great frind and kind-hearted.
by LA black OPS March 14, 2011
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Very kind and handsome man. Smart and intelligent. Hes loyal and he wants to keep friendships. He has a 5.6in cock in 7th grade. He's a dancer and is very emotional when without friends. Never bully an Advait because he is strong and he WILL mess you up.
Hes such an advait.
by Edgar dun February 5, 2019
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At first seems like a nice geniune guy who is loyal to his friends. But he is the most backstabbing bitch you have ever seen. He would drop his friends for a girl who he doesnt end up with. His girlfriend is a hoe and he is an ass for liking her. He is mr steal your girl, but the girls dump him later because he so arrogant and useless. He has a weird obssesion with dogs and flexes about his all the time. In fact, girls would call him a dog.
All in all he is the worst person to be friends with and will backstab you for a girl.
"Is that Advait, I can smell the bullshit from a mile away!"
by catherine_rohitashwa September 21, 2023
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An absolute PRINCESS. Someone who loves feet 🦶. Happy feet is his favourite movie 🐧. A very camera conscious person but for no reason. Would literally fly across the country for you. Has a terrible sense of tinder bios. And if you don't sell xanax don't bother swiping right. If you do sell xanax, super like.
Oh you love to brag about your horse cock. You're such an Advait.
by ChocoAyeshnaScum February 12, 2022
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Never mess with him. He will act like a weak man but if u make very angry he might kill you
I made Advait angry.
by gfdgfgfd February 10, 2022
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