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from the latin language meaning "generously endowed good looking, super fun, master of the long sword"
He is generous with his time money affection and of course his sexual prowess.
This type of Particular Adrian can usually be found in the company of a sexual ninja, who, in turn can strike without warning at any time.
The result of such company can be easily distinguished in public by roving hands of said ninja and the bulging trouser front of the Adrian in question
I was out yeserday and saw what i thought might have been an Adrian then i saw the sex ninja with him and new straight away.
my what an awesome erection you seem to be supporting. are you an Adrian by any chance
by cockstar2 June 27, 2011
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term used to describe a person who frequently masturbates in the shower and or bath

you may know this as water wanking or shower strumming
You have been in the shower for ages. Are you an aquabator?

Judging by those wrinkly hands, she is an aquabator.

See you in an hour I am going to aqaubate
by cockstar2 June 20, 2011
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A straddler is someone who rides or "straddles" the cock
not to be confussed with a smuggler who keeps it all on the inside.

A straddler is more than happy to have everone know he/she has just been for a ride on the ridgid rod of cock.
The style of the resulting walk can usually be used as an indication of the amount of time recently spend in the knob saddle.

note: this usually applies to gay men.
what's with the funny walk? are you a straddler?
you are nothing but a limp wristed cock straddler.
well hello Nigel do you fancy a bit of a straddle?
by cockstar2 June 27, 2011
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