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Adrie is the most beautiful, significant and caring person you'll ever meet. She's isolated from the crowd with her pure beauty and stunning smile. She's very intelligent and hard to come by. Adrie will make your day just looking at her. She is very rare, unique and special in many people's lives and has a very amazing personality. If you have an Adrie in your life, don't let her go!
She is so cute, what's her name?
Probably Adrie!
by JustPlays June 17, 2017
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Adrie is the most amazing, beautiful, and caring person you will ever meet! She can make anyone smile just with her presence! And I couldn't imagine a more perfect person to be with!
"Hey Adrie!"
*she looks person in eyes and smiles*

*person explodes in pure bliss*
by Ltown-kid October 29, 2013
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Adrie is the most wonderful beautiful girl you will ever meet. There is always a smile on her face and a laugh up her sleeve. She is a very emotional person so when it comes to the ones she loves she will fight their battles. Adrie is so gorgeous and fine as hell. She is usually a tall girl but pulls many. This girl probably has the prettiest hair around but, won’t tell anyone about. Adrie is also very athletic and could probably play any sport around. she is very devoted about the ones she loves so if you come around one you’ll be very lucky. When it comes to relationships adrie is one to have one with because she will give her 100% towards it. So basically just get an adrie
Hey is that Adrie..... call her
by Alexa.21 October 14, 2018
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