Simply adorable but in the utmost dorky way. Cute. Silly. Funny. Spiff.
by Miss AnGie January 20, 2003
A person who is a dork, but is also cute. Mostly directed towards males.
"Ugh, he's such a nerd."
"No, he's just adorkable."
by Athie August 30, 2008
someone who is cute but dorky at the same time ^.^
Fangirl: "Agustus Waters is really adorkable. I LUV HIM!!"
by DatBobDoe February 25, 2015
Adorkable: something someone geeky would say when trying to say you're adorable to a geek
Vincent ; you look cute

Catherine; you're so adorkable
by Thatshyone114 October 31, 2015
A quality that an individual possesses that by traditional standards would be called dorky or nerdy but however, has a loveable, affable, quirky charm.
"Adam wore red on Valentine's Day despite being single. It was so adorkable!"

"Shannon thinks the guys on the Big Bang Theory are so adorkable!"
by The Ministry of Propaganda February 14, 2010
1. Any male who is considered nerdy:: thick rimmed glasses, unique style, smart:: by most people; yet girls secretly want. No explination of this unorthodox event has been found.
2. Dorky yet strangly adorable.
3. An uncommon occurance where a nerd develops either good looks or a sense of confidence that makes girls (and some guys) swoon over their presence.
4. An emo boy who uses the brainy look as a sense of style but does so in an attractive way.
Girl to best friend: *Shaun* is kinda dorky... i sort of like him though... but dont tell anyone ok?
Best friend to girl: are you serious? hes a total nerd!
Girl to best friend: hes adorable.
Best friend to girl: you mean aDORKable.
Girl to best friend: *sighs* yeah i do... but thats what makes him so great.
by alicia_marie April 15, 2005
Somebody who is dorky in an adorable way. Girls cannot resist boys who are considered "adorkable" Have been know to make girls squee and swoon over them.
"Sqeeee! How adorkable is he?!?!"

Anoop Desai, Zachary Quinto, Ron Weasley,
by Mrs.Anoop Desai May 24, 2009