An Amazing Handsome actor.Who is in Heroes as Sylar. Also in Star Trek as Spock. S=Z

Zachary Quinto grew up in Pittsburgh. He began performing and studying there as a child, but what started as a hobby quickly evolved into a vocation and he eventually matriculated to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and received a BFA in 1999. Some of his memorable theatre experiences include: Side Man, Gross Indecency (City Theatre Company), Much Ado About Nothing, A Lonely Impulse of Delight (Vineyard Playhouse), The Bear (Tintreach Company - Galway, Ireland), Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow (Old Globe), Much Ado About Nothing (LA Shakespeare Festival), Pro Bono Publico, A Map of Doubt and Rescue, Laying On of Hands, Lonesome Hollow (Ojai Playwright's Conference). Upon graduation from CMU, Quinto surprised even himself by foregoing a career in New York and moving to Los Angeles almost immediately. Work began trickling in, and before long he had a resume of guest starring roles on such shows as: Touched By an Angel, CSI, Off Centre, Haunted, The Agency, Six Feet Under, Joan of Arcadia, and Crossing Jordan, to name a few. In 2004, he spent an entire season in the CTU, as computer analyst Adam Kaufman on FOX's highly rated drama 24. His character went home at the end of the day, and apparently never came back to work. He spent a short time as Tori Spelling's flamboyant best friend on the critically acclaimed but underrated half hour series so noTORIous, but Quinto is best known to date for his role as Sylar, the super powered psychopathic serial killer on the NBC smash hit series Heroes. In May 2009, Quinto will appear as Spock in the highly anticipated eleventh feature film installment of the Star Trek franchise, directed by JJ Abrams. He lives in Los Angeles, but travels to New York as frequently as possible.
Person 1:Hey who is that HOT guy that plays Spock in star trek??

Person 2:Oh that's Zachary Quinto.
by Erika (Cookie) May 20, 2009
Spoken by Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory", a nod to the most quoted line "Live Long and Prosper" by the late Leonard Nimoy, portraying his famous role as Star Trek's Commanding Science Officer, Mr. Spock. Zachary Quinto reprised the SPOCK role in the 2009 Star Trek reboot .
In a Season 5 episode of "Big Bang", Sheldon, who was expecting a life-sized cutout of Nimoy's Spock but received Quinto's apparently inferior version instead, griped Live Long and Suck It, Zachary Quinto!
by KImCobain March 25, 2015
Owing to Zachary Quinto's most famous TV roles and his real life relationship status;

When a dude is either gay or a serial killer or both.
Mnnn, I don't know about him. He's a perfect example of the Zachary Quinto Uncertainty Principle (ZQUP). You won't know for sure until you sleep with him.
by Homosexual Black Female September 17, 2018