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Adesh is a rebellious, yet smart individual and has a good sense of intelligent humor. Coming from South Asian islander origins, an Adesh is one who is dedicated to the hussle and is in a constant seeking of knowledge. Unfortunately, this also means that he is very easily distracted. All Adesh's are very compassionate individuals to most but are brutally honest to those they dislike. I literal sense he is too straight up
Stop being so straight up Adesh

Stop getting distracted Adesh
by bigmon10001 September 11, 2018
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Adesh is someone who logs 80+ hours on a regular basis . It is generally referred to a male corporate guy who works his ass off just to impress his boss. In literal sense, adesh is a corporate bitch.
Why are you working late, are you adesh?
Do not be such an Adesh !
by chill_dude007 February 10, 2014
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