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A beautiful very smart girl who can always make you laugh. She can help you in whatever you need even if she has trouble in that place. Adelynn will never let you down and won't get mad at you directly. Adelynn is very talented and tries so many things, Adelynn has a lot more desirable qualities to her than you can imagine.
That Adelynn is so beautiful.
by Person 7654321 November 24, 2016
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An Adelynn is a girl who is very strong minded and quirky. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She’s the kind of girl who will always love you and support you. They are generally very hot
Joe: Man that girl is so hot. And she’s not like most girls

Matt: She must be an Adelynn
by pizzaoverpeople234 July 28, 2017
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a girl known for her hotness, rebellious attitude, and awesome fashion sense *usually grunge*
bob: that girl is so hot omg and look at those clothes, so grunge
joe: she must be an adelynn
by person #34 February 23, 2015
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She is beautiful she makes everyone laugh and smile she
(Adelynn is beautiful)
by KatieX44 April 04, 2018
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She is very nice but can sometimes be mean if you tick her off. Adelynn is very smart and can be quiet most of the times but she is a talented girl in the arts category. She likes the same gender because she doesnt find guys apealing.
Boy: who is that girl, she's all quiet and alone over there.
Girl:Oh thats just a Adelynn.
by Anonymous kiss my ass July 20, 2018
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Anyone named Adelynn is automatically a petty bitch/ whore
“yeah i saw adelynn today flirting with my man
“adelynn only uses ‘lol’ when she hates you”
by grrrbruv420 May 16, 2020
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