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Someone who claims anime has destroyed the way he looked at Japanese culture, usually because he has studied Japanese culture and hates the way it's displayed, he is usually Japanese himself.
Guy 1: Hey dude, you seen that anime with the Japanese mythical characters?

Guy 2: No, and I don't want to, anime has ruined everything in the vision of younger generations, I wish they banned anime.

Guy 1: Fucking reverse weaboos.
by MrBananass September 7, 2015
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A plugin used in browsers meant to block advertisements in different sites.
Guy 1: Those shitty YouTube 30 second long commercials are pissing me off.

Guy 2: You kinda deserve it.

Guy 1: Wtf, why?

Guy 2: Because you don't have adblock plus you dumbfuck.
by MrBananass September 7, 2015
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