Adanas are usually very smart and independent, they are talented and very good artists. Even though they can be extra stubborn sometimes they are kind on the inside. They always try to help others and love to make friends, Adanas are creative and outgoing, they like to stay inside with lots and lots of pets to keep her company. Adanas are gorgeous inside and out!
I made a new friend today, and guess what her name is Adana!
by Allura <3 January 8, 2021
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A very smart girl with a big ole snackish booty, eat her ass and you'll love her forever
Ooh she's an Adana
by Minetf August 9, 2017
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A person who stand cluelessly. She knows she’s covered by a shadow but never tried to reach for light. She’s keeper, she always be there for someone but never herself.
Bruhh, did you realize you’re such an Adana??”
by strawudana November 23, 2021
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when she’s giving good top and you piss in her mouth.
“dude how’d it goooo?” “ bro, i did a dirty adana” “no fuckinnn wayyyy”
by goodoldpeepeesucker April 16, 2020
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