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Adam is the typical white boy. He loves his ladies and his white boy dance moves. Known for being tall and really sweet. If he's mean, he's usually joking, unless you're really freaking annoying like people with the name Ben. Adam is known also for being likable. Many ladies like him, but trust his friends, he would never let anything good into his life. Typical theater kid with some pervious sports experience. Legendary voice changes and really huge feet. Many ladies have rumored that he's terrible in bed, this is because he has a strange obsession with feet. Love him some Broadway and has once admitted to being bi. Most Adam's loving calling themselves Thunderclap.
Girl- Omigosh I think I might ask Adam G out!
Boy- don't even try. He's indecisive.
Girl-that explains why his names Adam.

Girl1- so I kinda slept with Adam over break.

Girl2- Omigosh!! How was it?!
Girl1- that'll never happen again. He kept touching my feet.

Hi I'm Adam and I'm a loser.

Omigod Ben! Just kill yourself!!!!

Hi I'm Adam. But you can call me Thunderclap.
by Tree#3&Girl#4 January 27, 2014
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