A: "Why do people even like Adachi he's a villain!"
B: "Same goes for Akechi-"
by Sophia the Gacha Angel December 14, 2020
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Common nickname for a gobbler who disguises their gobbling behavior as an "unusually long piss break"
"What the fuck took you so long?" "Uh, well, I also went and made a sammich." "Yeah right, Adachi.
by Louise Valliere December 30, 2011
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The main antagonist of the critically acclaimed video game, Persona 4
Persona 1: I like Tohru Adachi
Persona 2: You're a chad
by That_One_Fellow February 4, 2021
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Number 15, lechuga adachi. The last thing you want on your lechuga is adachi but as it turns out that might be what you get
by Bub da anoonymus March 1, 2020
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The process of beginning Estrogen HRT treatment; practicing Tohru Adachi in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax or BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Person 1: Does Kahra seem different recently bro?
Person 2: Yeah, she started labbing Adachi last week.
by Распутин October 10, 2021
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