Making money by displaying Ads on a website, YouTube Channel, ect.
Person 1: Do you see the amount of cash that YouTuber is carrying?
Person 2: Yeah, he must have a shit-ton of Ad Revenue.
by 44. Magnum October 5, 2016
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Where a youtuber makes his youtube video 10 minutes long so he/she can put more ads in the video , which in return makes them more money.
Youtuber: Dude you're such a fucking sell out you made your video 10 minutes long just for that 10 minute ad revenue
Youtuber 2: Uhhh No?
by weedsm0k3r36 April 18, 2017
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Youtube ad revenue, you get money per ad but nowadays nothing is monetized.
*Guy 1 calls minecraft youtuber*
Guy 1: AYY MAN how much Youtube Ad Revenue do you have dude?
Minecraft youtuber: Yeah man.. i said Mojix once and now i have no ads..
*Guy 1 ends call*
by Jeffydickballs December 19, 2017
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