2 definitions by weedsm0k3r36

A less offensive spelling of the term " Ma Nigga"
(black dude) Whats up

(white dude) Whats popping mine igga
(black dude) DID YOU JUST SAY THA-
(white dude) no I meant MINE -- IGGA
(black dude) Ight , we cool
by weedsm0k3r36 March 10, 2017
Where a youtuber makes his youtube video 10 minutes long so he/she can put more ads in the video , which in return makes them more money.
Youtuber: Dude you're such a fucking sell out you made your video 10 minutes long just for that 10 minute ad revenue
Youtuber 2: Uhhh No?
by weedsm0k3r36 April 18, 2017