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The scripting language created by Macromedia (now Adobe) for use with Flash, a rich media format that drives most interactive experiences on the Web these days. ActionScript is developed based on the ECMA-262 standard, the same standard JavaScript is based on.

ActionScript was first made available in the Flash IDE version 4 with very basic controls mostly to control the starting and playing of specific frames. Starting in Flash 5, ActionScript has been expanded to be full-fledged scripting language and was finally editable within a text editor.

With Flash MX 2004 (simultaneous FP version 7), Macromedia introduced ActionScript 2.0, a much revised version that supports strict variable typing and class-based construct. AS2 revolutionizes Flash development and allows large and complex environments to be built while utilizing most object-oriented programming principles.

Adobe (purchased Macromedia in 2006) is currently busy working on ActionScript 3.0, which greatly expands on AS' matured status. AS3 is currently available for Flex 2.0 development, and is expected to be released for the Flash IDE with version 9.
ActionScript 1.0
function Foo()
{ = true;
var foo = new Foo();
trace( // outputs true

ActionScript 2.0
class org.f.Foo
private var $sucks:Boolean;

public function get sucks():Boolean
return $sucks;

public function Foo()
$sucks = true;


import org.f.Foo;
var f:Foo = new Foo();
trace( // outputs true
by seeminglee October 14, 2006
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The main scripting language for macromedia flash, based mostly on javascript and css.
var raisespeed = 12;
_root.pacman._x -= raisespeed;
by Sean March 20, 2005
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