An abbreviation for a phrase created by taking the first letter or so of each word, AND is pronounced as a word itself.
"USA" is technically NOT an acronym, because people don't pronounce it as "You-Sah". However, "MADD" (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is an acronym because it's pronounced exactly as it's spelled.
by Bill M. July 28, 2004
To acronymize turn the first letter from each word in a sentance into an acronym.
acronymizing the phrase be right back results in "brb"
by Truedat November 8, 2007
ttyiaf - talk to you in a few
ttyiab - talk to you in a bit
ttfn - ta ta for now
by Harvey March 18, 2004
The ability to make acronyms out of something.

Sometimes it is funny, other times it is just annoying
Dude did you catch the Lakers yesterday?

You mean the


(the) Enemy

A good example of bad acronymity.
by Teh Toadmastah November 24, 2009
The meaning of a word in relation to its acronym.
acronymically speaking...
by Leroy Spurlock September 30, 2005