(v) to make a group of words an acronym.
Kate: Whoever acronized ROTFLOL is a genius.
by ZOMGKRIS May 27, 2008
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the tapered tubular portion of the foreskin that extends beyond the glans and terminates at the orifice of the foreskin. The word itself originates from the ancient Greek akron meaning farthest bounds uttermost parts and highest extreme as well as tip. In ancient Greece and classical painting it was considered the perfection of beauty of the penis.
His acron looked like the snout of an anteater.

A long acron is immediately noticed because it is so prominent.
by chilily September 04, 2007
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an abbreviated form of a set of words, that form being comprised of a combination of both an initialism(s) and acronym(s)
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is both an initialism (J+P..) and an acronym (.."PEG"), therefore it is an acronism.
by Gentry Hoffman March 20, 2008
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(Verb)To annoy or anger someone with the unnecessary or over use of acronyms.
-ing (Adj) For something to be annoying or angering because of it's over use of acronyms.
-ed (Adj) For someone to be annoyed by the over use of acronyms.
"Everyone on Urban Dictionary posts shitty acronyms, and it's acronating."
"I'm so acronated. All I hear today is OMG or LOL."
"Stop using LOL when you're not texting. You're gonna acronate Phil."
by bncrock November 24, 2015
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