What an employer will post in a job description, trying to make some job look like an awesome, experience-gaining, entry-level beginning to a wonderful career in Marketing techniques, strategies, and problem-solving, and all with competitive salary. When in reality, it's being a door-to-door salesman or a telesaleman making cold calls all day with commission-based pay.
Run in a local office near you. COMPETITIVE PAY. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.
Work for a great company, gain skills in marketing techniques, problem-solving and working as a team an alone, competitive pay + bonuses. I SWEAR THIS IS A GREAT JOB.
by j_ballin April 8, 2015
A team comprised of individual contributors within an organization. The primary goal of an Account Manager is to retain clients, provide services on a daily basis, and grow the account.

A group of Account Managers is commonly referred to as a Herd.
You better finish that donut before a herd of Account Managers come through.
by franklydave June 28, 2017
someone who holds the keys to the company doors
guy: who is that woman?
other guy: she is the key account manager
by qubic December 17, 2018
Person Having expert knowledge in Costing, accountancy, management affairs, taxation, finance and Study with huge sacrifice and practical knowledge
Cost and management accountant is profession who is made by Parliament of india
by Yashimsk November 25, 2021