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What an employer will post in a job description, trying to make some job look like an awesome, experience-gaining, entry-level beginning to a wonderful career in Marketing techniques, strategies, and problem-solving, and all with competitive salary. When in reality, it's being a door-to-door salesman or a telesaleman making cold calls all day with commission-based pay.
Run in a local office near you. COMPETITIVE PAY. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.
Work for a great company, gain skills in marketing techniques, problem-solving and working as a team an alone, competitive pay + bonuses. I SWEAR THIS IS A GREAT JOB.
by j_ballin April 07, 2015
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A job that an employer posts for recently graduated students. A job that one supposedly can take after graduating, despite the super-low wages. And then, at the bottom of the job description: "3 TO 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED", as if they don't see the paradox in that statement.
ENTRY-LEVEL JOB OPPORTUNITY: CALLING ALL RECENT GRADS! Pay will be $7 an hour, chance of promotion after 10 years. Requirements: 3 TO 5 YEARS OF WORK EXPERIENCE IN THIS SPECIFIC FIELD. We will not consider anyone without this experience.
by j_ballin April 14, 2015
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