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When you poke a girl in the ass with your dick. She smiles, you fuck her in the ass, she screams, you say "I'm sorry, it's morning wood" or some bullshit excuse like that.
Accidental Anal worked like a charm with Katie last night.
by PulpFictionFan94 May 24, 2017
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When two or more men are engaged in some sort of testosterone-based activity (I.E. wrestling, football, rugby, etc...) and there is incidental penis to anus penetration. The term "accidental anal" refers to that occurrence.
"Matt and Luke were playing a heated, but quality game of chess that ended in accidental anal."

"I just wanted to put a dollar in the homeless man's tin can, but accidental anal occurred, too. Now I need special medication from the clinic."

"The poker game ended much as it started, with accidental anal. I think we're all walking a little slower this morning."
by Matrek December 12, 2011
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